Marcy Two-Tone Porcelain Dinner Set

Each handmade plate is unique due to a random process that combines a mixture of two nature-inspired colors. The plate's design consists of a matte, raw porcelain exterior with a gloss, glaze interior. Handmade porcelain construction combines beauty with durability and suits both casual and more formal tables. 

Edgewood Made's two-tone plate is available in three color ways: Black + Sage Gray, Black + Woodland  or Sage Gray + Woodland. The Marcy Two-Tone Porcelain Dinner Set includes one dish, one salad/dessert plate and one dinner plate. 

Dish: 7" W x 2.25"H
Salad & Dessert Plate: 8.25" W
Dinner Plate: 11.75" W
Available in Charcoal Black + Sage Gray, Charcoal Black + Woodland or Sage Gray + Woodland.
Dishwasher safe.

The Marcy Dinner Set also matches Edgewood Made's Wood Grain Cups or Matte Porcelain Mugs.

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