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October 16, 2020

Happy Fall!

As summer ends and the weather begins to cool, we’ll all be spending more time in the kitchen. Here at Edgewood Made, the brisk temperatures have got us thinking about pies, soups, and other delicious cold weather dishes. We’ve harvested nearly everything in our gardens and have been busy canning tomatoes and peaches and planning for fall meals. It’s a great reminder that kitchens are truly the heart of the home. For this reason, we're sharing a renovation, a selection of home goods, and furniture, all inspired by the kitchen.


Our vision at EdgewoodMade has always been to make the home and everything in it. Earlier this year, we were able to further cultivate this vision in collaboration with interior designer, Katherine Lundberg, on a modern kitchen for a private residence in Philadelphia, PA. We worked closely with Lundberg in creating a completely customized kitchen from ebonized white oak that seamlessly incorporated the appliances, and smartly distinguished the space.

The beauty of a custom kitchen is that it’s madewith every consideration to fit perfectly into the individual’s home. There is often a balance to be struck between the design intent and the mechanical, electrical and plumbing needs of each component. With this project, it was important to remain true to Lundberg’s vision of a symmetrical and balanced design.  We worked within the project’s constraints and were able to create a kitchen that has equality in both form and function.

After seeing the completed kitchen, we felt undeniably inspired by the project's execution. The sleek monochromatic scheme created an elegant and intimate setting that perfectly compliments our Porcelain Section Vases, Steel Hook and Wood Boards.


OurPorcelain Section Vases help bring intrigue to the open spaces of counters and tables. Incorporating  a thoughtful play of light and form into the kitchen

OurBlackened Steel Hooks are perfect for showcasing ourLeicester WoodBoards. Adding both beauty and function onto kitchen walls.

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Kitchen counters and tables are the essential gathering places of fall. OurRidge Wood Stools help make the kitchen counter an even more considered and pleasurable place to celebrate the fall harvest and enjoy the ever cozier indoors.  

Our stools come with a back or sans back; a fabric, leather or 
woven shaker tape seat; a variety of finishes; and in three heights.


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We hope you enjoyed catching up with us this month at Edgewood Made. We look forward to seeing you again in our next month's issue.

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